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Reference project digital UVV-check

We were able to convince one of our customers of the advantages of digitalising the UVV inspection. We are pleased to present the reference here.

Before the introduction, the UVV tests were carried out using paper protocols. Using a paper checklist, the necessary steps were carried out and checked off. Defects were documented in writing. The employees handed in the paper at the contractor’s office, where it was scanned and saved as a PDF file. The protocols were then sent to the client. It took days, sometimes even weeks, until the completed protocol arrived at the client. If a protocol was lost, a new inspection/documentation was required. This all costs time and resources.

With the introduction of our APP the orders are given to the employees by e-mail. The objects to be inspected are to be selected in the APP and the necessary inspection steps are documented on the smartphone. With the APP the defects can not only be described but also documented with photos. A test protocol is generated after completion of the test and signature of the test person and sent directly to the offices of the clients and contractors. The protocols are thus available quasi “real time” and can be archived.